Thursday, 7 April 2016

Book Review: AFTER THE FIRE by Jane Casey (Maeve Kerrigan #6)

After the Fire

Title: After the Fire
Author: Jane Casey
Publisher: Minotaur Books
Read: April 2016

Synopsis (Goodreads):

London police detective Maeve Kerrigan has spent plenty of time at Murchison House. One of the many cement high-rise towers comprising the Maudling Estate housing project, Murchison House is home to a motley mix of society. From domestic abuse victims and elderly widows with nowhere else to turn to its flourishing criminal elements, Maeve is familiar with many of its occupants by name or reputation.

But when a fire breaks out at Murchison House that consumes the top floors and leaves three dead, Maeve and her colleagues are startled to learn the identity of one of the victims. Geoff Armstrong was a wealthy, notoriously right-wing London politician—the last person they’d expect to find in a place like the Maudling Estate. And things get even murkier when evidence surfaces indicating Armstrong was murdered before the fire broke out. Was his death connected to the fire? To the other deaths at Murchison House? And what was he doing there in the first place? What Maeve begins to uncover will lead her on a terrifying journey through all levels of society, putting her very life in danger.

Jane Casey’s next riveting mystery featuring beloved detective Maeve Kerrigan will keep readers turning the pages from the opening scene to the stunning conclusion.

My thoughts:

After the Fire is the 6th book featuring DCI Maeve Kerrigan, and it reminded me why I am so in love with the series.  Apart from the character of Maeve herself, a strong and determined female character to love and admire, each book also features a complex police investigation and a fair share of mystery, suspense and action. Whilst it is not necessary to have read previous books in the series to enjoy this one, I would highly recommend doing so, as it adds depth and background to all characters.

I especially loved this instalment for several reasons: firstly, the multiple stories of victims affected by the fire made for a fascinating read and a complex web of conspiracy to solve the case – it totally had me in its grip from beginning to end. Secondly, the dynamics between Maeve Kerrigan and Josh Derwent take on a new dimension, and I enjoyed their constant sparring but also their loyalty to each other. Again Maeve comes up against her nemesis, creepy stalker Chris Swain, which adds that extra element of danger to the book.

Casey has really come into her own with this series – experiencing a whole lot of emotions from intense suspense to laughing out loud about the things Kerrigan and Derwent say to each other, I realised how totally the book had drawn me in. I was disappointed when it ended, like saying good-bye to friends not knowing when I would see them again. A strong 5 stars from me. Can’t wait for the next installment.

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