Sunday, 11 December 2016

Book Review: NEVER LET YOU GO by Chevy Stevens

Never Let You Go

Title: Never Let You Go
Author: Chevy Stevens
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Read: December 2016
Expected publication: 14 March 2017

Synopsis (Goodreads):

Eleven years ago, Lindsey Nash escaped into the night with her young daughter and left an abusive relationship.Her ex-husband was sent to jail and she started over with a new life. Now, Lindsey is older and wiser, with a teenage daughter who needs her more than ever. When her ex-husband is finally released, Lindsey believes she’s cut all ties. But she gets the sense that someone is watching her. Her new boyfriend is threatened. Her home is invaded, and her daughter is shadowed. Lindsey is convinced it’s her ex-husband, even though he claims he’s a different person. But can he really change? Is the one who wants her dead closer to home than she thought? 

My thoughts:

When Lindsey took her small daughter Sophie and ran away from her abusive husband, she knew that one day he may come looking for them. With her daughter now a teenager, and Lindsey herself in a relationship with a stable, supportive man, she is as happy as she has ever been. Until she finds out that her ex-husband, freshly out of jail after serving a sentence for dangerous driving causing death, has moved into her neighbourhood. Soon she feels no longer safe in her own home – have things been moved or touched? Is she in danger? Worst of all, she finds out that he has tried to make contact with Sophie. Sophie claims that she has seen her father, and that he is a changed man. But leopards never really change their spots, do they?

Despite an interesting premise, a constant atmosphere of tension and a clever twist at the end, Never Let You Go never fully gripped me. Perhaps it was the voices of the characters, who didn’t quite speak to me, or the format of various different voices narrating individual chapters set in the past and present. I felt that I never fully got to see into the hearts and minds of any of the characters, and just didn’t care enough about them to find the story compelling. Or perhaps I have just been spoiled by some very masterfully constructed psychological thrillers recently, and now nothing can quite live up to them. Whilst Never Let You Go was an ok read, for me it lacked – something. Depth, perhaps. An emotional connection. Despite musing on it and trying to give constructive feedback,  I cannot quite put my finger on it. So I will just put it down to being the wrong book for me at the time. It happens. 2.5 stars from me.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with a free electronic copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. 

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